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Hi, I'm Ana Jomir!

Neurographica® Instructor & Aesthetic Coach

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Neurographica. Neurographics. Neurographica is a creative art therapy technique leveraging neuroscience to transform limiting beliefs and manifest desired realities. It fosters self-discovery and personal growth through expressive drawing.

Learn how you can use Neurographica® to create your dream reality

Are you ready to take the plunge into a life of fulfillment and success? Let’s make your dreams come true and uncover what’s been blocking you from achieving greatness!

I’m so excited to help you uncover what’s been blocking you from achieving greatness. I use Neurographica® and Aesthetic Coaching to provide the support and encouragement you need to boldly step into new territories and make a lasting impact on this world. Together, we’ll create a life that reflects all you’re capable of – become crystal clear on your goals and confidently take the next big step toward living your dream life!

Did you know this about Neurographica®?


My Why

From the bottom of my heart, I believe that anything is possible. Everyone can live an abundant and loving life – yet sometimes we get in our own way without even realizing it! That’s why I am so passionate about educating people on how Neurographics can help replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones; allowing individuals to transform their dreams into reality.

MY Vision

Bring Neurographics to billions of people; so we collectively transform our world.

My Mission

Help you align your mindset for success, embrace your inner light, and embody your highest potential.

Are you ready to?

Remove limiting beliefs

Do you feel like your dream life is always just out of reach? Figure out the how and why to change key patterns to make the most optimal change.

Change Patterns

Put a stop to those self-sabotaging habits that are holding you back from claiming your rightful success! Show up, speak up, and blaze into the life of your dreams – it’s time for level UP.

Make a shift

Stop letting your fears and doubts stand in the way of achieving a life filled with abundance, joy, and success! Learn how to upgrade your mindset and overcome your  fears forever.

Live a Life you love

Unleash your potential for abundance by transforming how you view money and inviting greater success into your life. Manifesting your dream life is easy with Neurographica®!

Start here:


Limiting Beliefs Quiz

Learn what’s stopping you from achieving your dream life and how to fix it.


Neurographica® Webinar

Learn to draw Neurographica® and how you can use it to create a new reality.


1:1 Coaching

Break bad patterns and start create a new reality. Live your abundant new dream life!

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